sakura_8_naruto (sakura_8_naruto) wrote in animemanga_cra,

Another Naruto Drabble!!

I had actually written this one yesterday, but considering I was a little too busy to post it yesterday, here it is.

I Am Me
Am I really the demon? Most have said yes, while few have said no. Am I supposed to believe these people? More likely, who am I supposed to believe? Iruka-sensei says that Naruto is Naruto. The question I guess I should be asking is: Who is Naruto? Am I supposed to be as determined as they say? Am I always supposed to be loud? Am I always the bothersome one?

“Naruto? Are you ready yet? We are going to Ichiraku, remember?” Sasuke calls me.

“Yeah. I’ll be there in a minute,” I yell back, knowing he could have heard me fine if I had not yelled back.

One thing I know is that,

I am me.</a>
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