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Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Yo, and Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Anyway I have three drabbles, only one being for Valentine's Day. Two are Naruto and the last one is Cardcaptor Sakura, surprisingly. Hope you like them.

I will probably be alone for Valentine’s Day again. Lately Iruka-sensei has been seeing someone and has been telling me for the past few years that he promised to be with that person each year. Of course I know who he is with, but it is still a little depressing he chooses that person over me, but Iruka-sensei always promises to spend the next day with me.

“Umm…, Naruto? Umm… are you doing anything today?” I barely heard Sasuke asking since I was busy thinking about other things.

“Err… No. Why?”

“Well… I was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with me… not that you have to.”

“I would enjoy that.” I could feel myself smile, a real smile. No false fox grins today.

I won’t be alone, as long as I have those I care about around me.

Naruto will bring Sasuke-kun back, right? He promised. What if he doesn’t bring Sasuke-kun back?

“Naruto is always saying he doesn’t go back on his word.”

Shouldn’t I be doing something too? I am pretty much worthless, after all I never do anything for my team. I am always relying on them to do something.

“I promise that I will always be there for the ones I care about. I will become stronger for their sake. I will not be the damsel in distress. I can do it.

I will protect the ones I care about.

I will be strong,

For their sake.

“I’d have to say that I am very glad about everything. The both of them are together like they should have been. After all they were bound by fate to tell each other they love the other. They just had to find out the right time to tell them.”

“True that’s very true. I feel a little bad about giving him up, though. I am just really good those two are together now. They seem to be happier than they ever have. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, they are happier than ever. Now I am just waiting for them to get married. You have to admit, that you are important too, Meiling. You have a boyfriend now, too. You love him more than Syaoran, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. Taping Sakura and Syaoran as much as you can, Tomoyo? Your boyfriend is fine with that?”

“Yep! Eriol is definitely fine with it. He likes to see what is going on with his ‘cute little descendant. We should probably get going or they might wonder what happened to us.”

“Yeah, might as well go now.”
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