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This is part of my first Gravitation fanfic. I haven't written all of it yet. ^^ But I should have it all done soon... hopefully. ^^;;;

Ryuichi Sakuma and Kuma were walking down a street in America. He looked at all the stores as he walked.
“I’m hungry, Kuma. Should we get something to eat?” he looked up at Kuma who was on top of his head.
Kuma nodded.
“Yay! Ok!” he ran over to the nearest food spot and brought some food. He then sat down at a table. He put the food out in front of him and Kuma. “Wait, we need to get you a booster seat.”
Ryuichi grabbed Kuma and ran up to the front desk. “Hello, may I have a booster seat for my friend Kuma here?” He held Kuma out to show the worker.
“Uh…you mean, you need a booster seat for the stuffed animal?” The worker asked.
“It’s ok, Kuma.“ Ryuichi quickly covered the bunny’s ears. He looked at the waiter sternly, “Don’t talk like that to Kuma! He’s sensitive!”
“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll have someone bring you a booster seat for your st--- friend as soon as possible.”
“Thank you.” Ryuichi went back to his table and began to eat.
“Here’s your booster se-- Ryuichi?” The one who brought the seat said.
Ryuichi turned in his chair. “Tohma? What are you doing here?”
“I work here.” he said.
“But…what about Nittle Grasper and NG?” Ryuichi said. “Are you quitting?”
“No, I’m just multi-tasking. I can do that, you know.” Tohma said."lj-cut>

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