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The First Fanfiction Contest!!

Okay! I have finally gotten around to getting everything ready for our first fanfiction contest.

The manga/anime that it will be based on Gravitation. If anyone has any problems with that, please contact me. ^_^

The length that it has to be between in 2-7 pages on word. If you have problems with staying between the limit then tell me and I will see if I can change the limit.

There has to be some kind of coupling in the fanfic, and there has to be at least one kiss. I think that will not be too hard to do. It has to have the theme of 4th of July.

Due Date: July 31. If there needs to be an extension, I will make one. I think this will be a good deadline though.

Winner will get... either an avatar with whatever picture and words they want on it, a fanart with any amount of people in it, or fanfiction with anything they want in it. I will be making the reward.

So, I think that is it for that. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please ask.

Also, for turning the fanfiction in, please just comment on this post and put your fanfic submission there.
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