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Anime and Manga Craziness
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This is a community that is about several different topics. Here you are welcome to talk about anime, manga, games, fanfiction, websites, and...Chocobos! There are a few rules that must be followed, but I'm sure that everyone is used to these by now.

1) No Flaming. You may say if you do not agree with someone on something, but don't personnaly attack them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

2) Try to keep offensive language (as in swearing) to a minimum. There are some younger people in this group and others who just don't like to hear them.

3) Place any pictures or fanfics under an LJ cut. We all love to read and see them, but the loading time for a page drastically increases if this is not done.

4) If you want to talk about any spoilers for any anime or manga, also codes or hints for games, please place them under an LJ cut. This way, other members won't read them if they don't want to. Also, for the link, put the words contains spoilers on it.

5) You can make an introductory post. We want everyone to enjoy it here and have fun so don't be shy ^^

6) Also remember to have an open mind. Yaoi, shounen-ai, and het can be discussed here as long as it is not to NC-17ish. Don't shoot anyone down who supports it.

7)With all of the rules aside, I would like to welcome you to the group. I hope that you enjoy it here.